Fulbright South Africa

Marie Hastings-Tolsma, PhD, CNM

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Trees at the entrance to the B&B where I stay.  The tree — which is some sort of cactus - is about 15 feet tall and flowers in the winter. 

Trees at the entrance to the B&B where I stay.  The tree — which is some sort of cactus - is about 15 feet tall and flowers in the winter. 

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Beautiful hibiscus  (or “tea biscuit”) flower.  Amazing how the flower at the top turns into the flower in the middle….then closes at night — only to reopen in the morning.  It is just so beautiful. When open, it has sort of a heavy tissue paper feel. Hibiscus are found in different colors — I have mostly seen those above, as well as pink. 

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I had the opportunity to spend a little time with this beautiful mother, Poonam, and her 4 week old infant girl (look at that head of hair!).  Mom is a dentist and she told me a bit about Indian customs related to birth and babies. 

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University of Johannesburg Kingsway Campus (top to bottom):

1. Quad. The large buildings in the back are actually one building….the Ring building where most all classes are held and faculty offices are located.

2. Students enjoying time in the sun.

3. View of the quad, fountain and library in the background.

4. Area outside student union. 

5. Coca-cola….everywhere….including student union. 

6. Protected entrance to the UJ campus. 

7. Main entrance to UJ campus. 

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6/2/2013 University of Johannesburg campus

UJ has such a beautiful campus…and big! Three campuses with close to 50,000 students. Nursing is housed on the main Kingsway campus but will be moving to the Doornfontein campus in November to be with the other health science departments. The nice part is that it will be close a large hospital and the campus is very nice.  

Above are pictures of the Kingsway campus….just really lovely.

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5/31/2013 Rhino poaching….

367 South African Rhino’s have been poached so far this year….most in Kruger National Park. Most of the poaching is done to obtain the rhino horn which is sold primarily in the Far East for big dollars. Concerted efforts are underway to find ways to reduce such terrible animal cruelty.

Below are photos (credit Troy Otto) of a pregnant rhino who was killed for her horn, as was a 2 year old calf that was with her. The calf was shot first and as she stood over the calf, she was shot. 

IMG_6051   IMG_6159

Photo Credit: Troy Otto

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(top to bottom):

1. Marie with Gauteng Department of Health Director of Maternal Child Health and Nutrition, Dr. Sikhonjiwe Masilela. 

2. UJ Midwifery faculty member Ms. Jackie Malesela with Dr. Masilela. 

3. Signing of agreement between Philips Corporation (Jose Fernandez - regional coordinator - left) and UJ (Dean Andre Swartz - right) for a dedicated ambulance for moms and babies.

4. Prof Anna Nolte attends the ceremony announcing dedicated ambulance project.

5. Dedicated mother & child care ambulance - joint project between the U of Johannesburg (EMS program), Gauteng Department of Health, and Philips Corporation.

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5/20/2013 Project to Improve Maternal Infant Health Services in Gauteng Province

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) Department of Emergency Services has recently partnered with Philips Corporation and the Gauteng Province Department of Health in establishing a new project designed to improve maternal-newborn health services. At the present time, when a women in labor needs transport to a hospital from clinic or home , an ambulance is called. The call is put in queue with ever other call. This new project will have a dedicated ambulance (with another to be put into service soon) — this ambulance will respond to mom’s and newborns who need transport, taking them to a dedicated facility - Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital. 

UJ had a lovely ceremony announcing the project and corporate partners. The ceremony was held on the Doornfontein campus (downtown near Hillbrow district). This is the campus where nursing will soon be moving to and joining the other health sciences departments. It is a lovely, large campus. 

On a final note, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting the Gauteng Department of Health Director of Maternal Child Health and Nutrition (Dr. Sikhonjiwe Masilela) Health Minster— who happens to also be a midwife! Above are pics from the ceremony.  

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5/20/2013 Talented Craftsmen

Along the road side there a craftsmen selling things they have made. Lots of beaded animals, baskets, etc.  But the picture above demonstrates a really unique talent — carving animals that are pretty big — and really life-like. The guy wanted R200 for one … which is about $20.