Fulbright South Africa

Marie Hastings-Tolsma, PhD, CNM

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3/4/2013 Nursing Simulation Lab at UJ

UJ Department of Nursing has a busy simulation lab on campus. It is heavily utilized by the undergraduate students in fundamentals, med-surg, community nursing, and basic midwifery. Mr. Sidwell Matlala is the faculty member who keeps the sim lab running smoothly. I spent the afternoon with Sidwell and other faculty and preceptors who gave brief presentations to 50 students —- and then they practiced. The new fundamentals students were busy learning to take vital signs. Limited resources has them learning to use glass thermometers — which is what is largely available in the public hospitals in South Africa. Students have front-loading of skills for the first few weeks of the semester…then move into the hospital setting where they practice these skills and are evaluated for proficiency.